How To Select The Best Cocktail Function Venue

Hosting a cocktail function is an extremely heavy responsibility. Many companies and not for profit or charity organizations rely on cocktail parties to either improve or cement client relations and engage in marketing activities or to raise much needed capital to fund charitable outreaches.

There are a variety of different options, but the best cocktail function venue should match the unique needs of the organization that is hosting the event and match the tone required for the function.

A black tie event requires a venue that i suitable for a structured event including guest speakers and a toastmaster. In addition these events are usually held by business organizations and are used to celebrate significant milestones in the company’s life cycle (such as the announcement of results or an annual awards ceremony). In cases like this it is likely that very senior members of the company and business associates as well as partners will be invited.

The caliber of attendees dictates that the best cocktail function venue would feature the very best facilities and levels of service as would be supplied by a venue designed specifically to supply banqueting services. Venues such as those made available by specialized service providers and banqueting halls or hotels are excellent choices for those wishing to host such events. Art galleries and other more unusual locations are also excellent choices for something a bit out of the ordinary.

Other cocktail events may require a slightly more relaxed approach to the selection of the venue. If the cocktail events celebrates a personal milestone or achievement such as a birthday or even an anniversary it is likely that all who attend will be to a greater or lesser extent acquainted. In this case the affair will be much more informal.

Informal cocktail parties can be held in any number of different venues. The local bar or nightclub are both ideal venues and the celebrant will probably be able to hire the entire venue for the evening. These venues have the added attraction of providing wait staff who are at hand to serve cocktails and snacks. An added advantage of these venues is that the cocktails can be mixed on site and that the bar bill can be easily controlled with certain beverages available for free (on the client account) and others requiring payment by those attending. A common approach in this case is to make soft drinks, beer and wine available on a free flow basis and allow guests to purchase their own hard liquor.

There are a  variety of other choices of cocktail venue that should be considered including those which feature outdoor spaces. These are especially appropriate for summertime or seasonal events where the weather does not play a significant factor. In cases like this it is likely that a specialized caterer would be required to supply services such as bar staff, waters and waitresses, food and seating as well as decoration and tables.

Whatever venue is chosen for the cocktail function there are several considerations that have to be taken into account if the function is to be a success. Adequate drinks, exceptional food and a reliable service provider to supply all the requirements for wait staff and seating should ensure that the event is a runaway success.

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